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Lokkum Bar and Grill offers a new take on the Turkish restaurant experience, with a meat inspired menu. The grill based dishes at Lokkum derive from authentic Turkish creations, fused with contemporary cooking methods and new ingredients.

Located on Woodford New Road, you'll find Lokkum at the top of Fullers Road.

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Lokkum means Turkish Delight and when you visit you’ll know why. Picture ancient culture and modern luxury colliding into one sweet, luxurious destination of indulgence – this is what we cook up in our kitchen.  Be the Sultan of our palace and take your seat in the VIP section, the lounge, the bar or the outside terrace – wherever tickles your fancy. 

Think classic, imagine quality and experience Lokkum for yourself with friends and family. 

Heart and soul is poured into the pots and pans, centuries of knowledge is invested into our dining experience to make our meat-fest of a menu something to behold. 

The chicken, lamb and beef are so tender and succulent because of the secrets passed over generations of Turkish cuisine and then marinated into the dishes with fond memories and Lokkum in mind. 

If you pass by close enough to our chefs as they put the final touches on the treats being sent to your table, you may hear them utter the phrase:

“Etlerimiz Lokkum Gibidir”

These words compare the dishes to the quality and sweetness of the Turkish Delight confectionary traditionally known as Lokkum. When we put a name to the things which give us pleasure, we think about how they make us feel and what emotions they evoke. 

Lokkum describes our dining experience perfectly.

With intense flavour dripping from the tender cuts of flesh, drizzled down with a fine wine which feels like it was harvested just for you; the dining experience at Lokkum is one built on a love for food and a love for people. For the sweet-toothed among you, we’ve whipped up desserts and conjured up cocktails to satisfy those cravings and send your senses spiralling out of space.  

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you have felt like you’re part of the family who built the place? 

This is the Lokkum experience; we open our arms when you open our doors. 



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Lokkum is made up of 160 covers of luxury. All our chairs and tables are finished with the highest quality materials, such as marble and suede. The kitchen is centrally located within the interior space, so our customers can enjoy watching our chefs hard at work.


In order for us to make a successful booking, please provide us with the following information: Mobile Number, Date & Time of booking and Number of people.


Lokkum has partnered with OpenTable to provide free, secure and instantly confirmed online bookings.

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The Lokkum Lounge offers a relaxed indoor/outdoor setting, that can accommodate up to 25 people. The lounge is an ideal space to sit back and enjoy a tantilising cocktail before your meal.


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Lokkum, Woodford New Road, South Woodford, E18 2QD
Entrance to Lokkum is via Fullers Road


We are open 7 days a week, with a secure car park for 16 vehicles (including 1 disabled parking bay). We would like to politely ask all Lokkum customers to respect our neighbours and leave quietly. Your cooperation is always appreciated.