Lokkum means Turkish Delight and when you visit you’ll know why. 

Picture food from an ancient culture and modern luxury colliding into one sweet, luxurious destination of indulgence – this is what we cook up in our kitchen.  

Heart and soul is poured into the pots and pans, centuries of knowledge is invested into our dining experience to make our meat-fest of a menu something to behold. 

If you pass by close enough to our chefs as they put the final touches on the treats being sent to your table, you may hear them utter the phrase:

“Etlerimiz Lokkum Gibidir”

These words compare the dishes to the quality and sweetness of the Turkish Delight confectionery traditionally known as Lokkum.

When we put a name to the things which give us pleasure, we think about how they make us feel and what emotions they evoke. Lokkum describes our dining experience perfectly.